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Sorts: Vowels in Word Initial Position


Understanding vowels is perhaps the cornerstone of being able to decode words in reading. Vowels are special because there are only five of them and they can make a short and a long sound. Also, for the most part, all words have at least one vowel in them. To make it easier to distinguish in the sorts, the two sounds are split into capitals saying the vowel's long sound and lowercase letters saying the vowel's short sound. Along with this, you'll note the phonetic symbols (macron and breve). This does not need to be honed in on. It is merely there to help young learners put the sounds into two categories. In most cases, when encountered in reading, lowercase letters appear in CVC or consonant-vowel-consonant words as saying their short sounds, thus the reason for making the lowercase vowels be representative of the short vowel sound.


This digital download PDF includes:

-(1) Instructional on Vowel Sounds Song (A4)

-(1) Instructional on Vowel Sounds Chant (A4)

-(3) Vowel Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Match-Ups (A4)

-(6) Vowel Word Initial Sorts (A4)


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