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HEY, Miss A!

Andriana Skalkos

Early Childhood/ Early Childhood Special Ed.

Hi there, and thanks for stopping by the About Me page on Hey, Miss A! As you navigate the site, it might be helpful to understand who I am and my outlook on early childhood education and what fuels my passion for the field. I'll keep it short and sweet:

I consider early childhood to be the most important phase of a person's development. Accordingly, I've dedicated my career in education to bringing innovative ideas to all things early childhood. The driving force for me is not necessarily my student's "aha" moments but rather all the moments in between. In that way, I try to honor the process of learning as a continuous and lifelong experience. The words of Maya Angelou  beautifully encapsulate the sentiment that learning is much like life. In her words,  "When you learn, teach, when you get, give."


  • Teacher of 8+ years

  • Supports using evidence-based practices to meet goals via establishing authentic intra-personal relationships with students 

  • Teaches in alignment with NYS PreK Learning Standards, NAEYC Guidelines, Next Generation Science Standards, Casel Framework, and Common Core 

  • Has had a hand in the learning of over 500 students 

  • Has a multicultural perspective; spent the better part of her life growing up in Athens, Greece

  • Wants to be a children's author someday

  • Her hobbies include photography, swimming, biking, podcast consuming, reading, baking, and drawing/painting

  • OBSESSED with her cat Nemo


NYS Professional Certificate Early Childhood Education (Birth- Grade 2) 2022- Permanent

NYS Initial Certificate Early Childhood Education (Birth- Grade 2) 2017-2022

NYS Initial Certificate Early Childhood Special Education (Birth-Grade 2) 2019-2024

Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick , NJ (Jan. 2020-May 2021)

Master of Education in Learning, Cognition, and Human Development

New York University Steinhardt, New York, NY (Sep. 2013-May 2017)

Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood and Special Education 


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