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Fine Motor Motivation: Letters, Numbers, & Shapestion Action


As teachers, we know that sometimes our young learners need a little motivation to practice writing and formation. These charts can act as motivators for students to practice these skills using a variety of approachable fine motor activities.


This digital download PDF includes:


-(1) I Write My Name Checklist (A4)

-(1) Lined Paper for Writing Name (A4)

-(1) I Can Write Numbers Checklist (A4)

-(3) Number Tracing Pages (A4)

-(1) I Can Write Uppercase Letters Checklist (A4)

(7) Uppercase Letters Tracing Pages (A4)

-(1) I Can Write Lowercase Letters Checklist (A4)

-(6) Lowercase Letters Tracing Pages (A4)

-(1) I Can Draw Shapes Checklist (A4)

-(1) Tracing Shapes Page (A4)

-(1) Fill in the Blank I Can Checklist (A4)

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