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Antonyms are words that are the opposite of another word. In addition to words, opposites can also refer to the other side of, the reverse of, or something opposite to something else.

Typically the teaching of them is reserved for the later grades, but teaching them earlier can work towards building vocabulary for younger students.


In this exercise, there are three worksheets for each of three antonym types: nouns, verbs, and adjectives. While students might be able to relate the antonyms by picture, make sure that students are also able to identify the antonym verbally. For your convenience, there is also a differentiated higher-level version of the activity, in which students have to write in the antonym in addition to identifying it.


This digital download PDF includes:

-(1) Antonym Pairs Key Sheet

-(3) Verb Antonym Worksheets A4 size (classic and differentiated)

-(3) Noun Antonym Worksheets A4 size (classic and differentiated)

-(3) Adjective Worksheets A4 size (classic and differentiated)


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