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Offering personalized, innovative, and engaging supplemental academic content for students PreK- 2nd in the form of 1-on-1 remote sessions 


With Hey, Miss A! you can be confident that your PreK-2nd Grade learner is going to flourish! Whether you feel that your child is in need of supplemental challenge or more dynamic support, I aim to cater to your learner's specifics. My sessions are taught using a blend of physical and online materials. Below find a menu with areas I cover in a range of content areas. Also be sure to check out parent testimonials on how they feel sessions worked for their learner.  

Topics in Language & Literacy:

  • Phonics instruction (alphabetic principle, consonants, vowels, blends, digraphs, diphthongs, r-controlled vowels) 

  • Phonemic awareness (blending, deletion, substitution)

  • Syllabification 

  • Decoding (CVC words progressing through appropriate scope and sequence)

  • Sight Words (Dolch/Fry list)

  • Word Family recognition

  • Prefixes & Suffixes

  • Pre-Reading Skills (alphanumeric recognition, spacing, orientation, letter/word/sentence differentiation)

  • Early Reading Skills (picture cues, pointing power)

  • Reading comprehension (based on Kay Stahl principles)

  • Text features (i.e, bold, italic, subtitle, caption)

  • Exposure to different forms of text (i.e., Nonfiction, Fiction, Poetry)

  • Sequencing

  • Retelling Strategies

  • Listening comprehension

  • Questions (5 W's) 

  • Language provocations 

Topics in Math:

  • Number Identification

  • One-to-One Correspondence

  • Counting (organized, disorganized, array, circular)

  • 2D & 3D shape identification

  • Composing shapes

  • Subitizing (rapid recognition of quantities)

  • Patterning (identification, extension, and creation)

  • Spatial orientation and visualization

  • Number comparisons (Less than, Greater than, Equal to)

  • Number Sense 

  • Skip Counts (1's, 5's, 10's, 2's)

  • Base Ten & Place Value concepts

  • Addition/Subtraction

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Fractions & concepts of equal shares

  • Data Analysis (graph types, data collection, data interpretation and representation)

  • Zero 

  • Money

  • Time

  • Coordinate Plane

  • Area & Perimeter

  • Order of Operations

Topics in Social Emotional Learning:

  • Perseverance 

  • Coping Strategies

  • Emotions  

  • Peer-to-peer relations

  • Conversational skills

  • Self-regulation

  • Positive self-talk

  • Creativity

Topics in Writing: 

  • Building familiarity with lined paper

  • Punctuation

  • Grammatical constructs

  • Capitalization

  • Topic Sentence

  • Research-based writing

  • Opinion Writing

  • Imaginative Writing

  • Writing with supporting reasons

Topics in G&T: 

  • Development of working memory

  • Listening skills

  • Abstract thinking 

  • Reasoning

  • Information processing

  • Problem solving approaches

  • Patterning 

Topics in Fine Motor: 

  • Handwriting Without Tears 

  • Number & Letter Formation

  • Writing Utensil Grip

  • Finger Play

  • Finger Name Identification

  • Hand-Eye Motor Coordination

Topics in Science: 

  • Hypotheses

  • If/Then Statements

  • Early Science Education

  • Scientific Method

  • Science Tools

  • Inquiry

  • Sample Topics for Early Ed. Science: Weather, Ramps, Forces

The story of this teacher's journey to e-learning begins in the now infamous year of 2020 when the world turned just a little topsy-turvy. I was busy with students in my Pre-K class when all of a sudden we were told to go home and that school would be closing for the foreseeable future. My experience is not unique; it is familiar to parents, students, and teachers alike. 

During this time, I reflected on what it really means to be a teacher. To me, it meant being a vested partner in my students wellbeing, livelihood, and education no matter what the circumstance. Out of this was born, Hey, Miss A!, a place where I could always be with my students; teaching and learning with and from them everyday. 



Miss A. is bubbly, energetic, caring, and knows what motivates kids. My first grader loved their time together and would ask when they were meeting again. At the beginning of the year, my daughter was a grade level behind in reading, and facing only remote school with her big class. Miss A. bridged the gap and also provided one-on-one mentorship my daughter was missing. My daughter completely caught up with reading, stayed on track with math, and is finishing the year in a great place. We're looking forward to sessions this summer to keep up the progress. Big thanks to Miss A.


Miss A. is amazing! She has become a safe spot for D. and is the only time he doesn't complain to go to "zoom class." He looks forward every week to be with her. D. has learned so much and we owe that to Miss A. She is caring and teaches while having fun. She knows how to "read" what the child needs. We love Miss A!


Miss A. has a way with young children, naturally instilling a love of learning in them. She started working with our son virtually in Oct '20 just before he turned 4 and he is so engaged in her lessons. Beginning each session with kind/ motivational words and feelings helps build his confidence and ease when conversing with adults. She plans 4-5 activities each time that help with early literacy and math - from sight words to blends to CVC words to patterns to base 10s to relative numbers. Her patience and positive energy make her the perfect match for our son. We have seen so much progress this year and can't wait for our younger son to begin with her.


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